Friday, November 10, 2006

Now that the ballots are in and it's apparently clear that the dems will take both the House and the Senate, the talk on the town is the big "I" word. Will we or will we not see impeachment hearings?

I heard from a very liberal friend yesterday that she felt that impeachment should not be the first order of business. Now bear in mind, this person has a hatred for Bush hotter then the heat of a thousand suns. However, she believed that we need to address the business of the people first. Deal with the war, social security, economy, ect... Concluding that in reality probably less the half of the people in the country had the stomach for impeachment, she felt that we need to be the party of reason and stay above the fray. This morning on talk radio on the way to work I heard echoes of the same sentiment.

I plainly and simply do not agree. In the last six years we have learned at immeasurable costs how fragile our democracy is. Six years ago when some of us said, voters fraud, most people thought we were crazy conspiracy theorists. Now, it's a commonly held belief that elections have been tampered with and the office of the President was stolen, not once, but twice. Most of the rest of the world can see clearly that our democracy is broken, if not failed entirely.

The issues like the war, the economy, and social security are incredibly important. However, I believe that at this point, our paramount issue, our paramount responsibility, not only to our citizens, but to the world, is preserving our democracy. I do not want impeachment hearings for the arbitrary purpose of sticking it to Bush, I believe he will burn in hell for his crimes against humanity. Impeachment hearing are necessary in our country right now for the purpose of disclosure to the American people of how one administration can destroy a democracy. We need to know what happened and how it happened so we can learn from our mistake.

The American people need to learn a hard lesson of responsibility and accountability. Only with a hard look at what happened in the last six years that led us to this catastrophic place can we learn how to prevent a tragedy of the magnitude that the Bush administration has reigned on the world.

I have heard people suggest that yes, we need to call for impeachment, but just not as a first order of business. I strongly disagree. Now that the democrats are basking in the afterglow of a republican ass kicking, it's fun to day dream about having control of not just Congress, but also the Presidency for decades to come. That kind of arrogance is familiar and dangerous. The reality is we may only have two years. God, I hope it's forever, but it may be two precious years for a window of opportunity. We don't have time to waste trying to appear as a party of civility.

This Congress has a moral obligation not only to the citizens of the United States but to the rest of the world to open the books on this administration for full disclosure through impeachment. For more then 200 years the United States was a beacon of democracy, demonstrating that the fragile experiment was something to strive for. Many world governments modeled themselves after our ideal. Now that ideal is in shambles. The first order of business for putting it all back together is facing the devastation and showing the world we are not afraid to say what's wrong for everyone else in the world is wrong for us too. Criminal behavior is just that, criminal and we will address it.

Please join me in contacting your representatives and soon to be representatives to demand immediate impeachment proceedings as a first order of business after the swearing in.
The world is waiting for us.

Please leave you comments and let us know how you feel about IMPEACHING the PRESIDENT NOW!!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Ballot Measure Losses Jolt the Religious Right MSNBC
Wednesday 08 November 2006

Anti-abortion, stem cell, same-sex issues all falter; leaders left wondering.
From the country's heartland, voters sent messages that altered America's culture wars and dismayed the religious right - defending abortion rights in South Dakota, endorsing stem cell research in Missouri, and, in a national first, rejecting a same-sex marriage ban in Arizona.
Conservative leaders were jolted by the setbacks and looked for an explanation Wednesday. Gay-rights and abortion-rights activists celebrated.
The verdict on abortion rights was particularly clear. Oregon and California voters defeated measures that would have required parents to be notified before a girl under 18 could get an abortion, and South Dakotans - by a margin of 56 percent to 44 percent - rejected a new state law that would have banned all abortions except to save a pregnant woman's life.
Red-State Rebellion
"This was really a rebellion in the heart of red-state, pro-life America - the heart of the northern Bible Belt," said Sarah Stoesz, head of the Planned Parenthood chapter that oversees South Dakota. "It sends a very strong message to the rest of the country."
South Dakota legislators had passed the law in expectation it would trigger a court challenge and lead to a possible Supreme Court reversal of the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion. Abortion-rights leaders said Wednesday that such strategies should be abandoned.
"Voters in every corner of the country made it clear they are tired of divisive attacks on a woman's right to choose," said Nancy Keenan, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America.
Anti-abortion leaders said the GOP shared some of the blame for the defeat. The Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer, president of Human Life International, said President Bush and other top Republicans failed to campaign strongly for the South Dakota abortion ban and against the Missouri stem cell measure.
"Family Values" Issues Lose Steam
"While South Dakotans fought valiantly to defend their babies, we once again witnessed an almost total lack of support from the national leadership," Euteneuer said.
The anti-abortion group Operation Rescue said the election results meant any legislation from Congress restricting abortion would be "virtually impossible" for the next two years.
"America has voted and the bloody results have placed the most vulnerable among us, the pre-born, in the crosshairs for continued extermination," said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.
Janice Shaw Crouse, a conservative analyst with Concerned Women for America, suggested that Republicans - some of them entangled in corruption and sex scandals - had lost some of the selling power of the "family values" themes they had pushed in recent elections.
"Families had such high hopes when conservatives were in power; they ended up discouraged, disappointed and disillusioned," she said.
Stem-Cell Efforts Stymied
In Missouri, anti-abortion groups, evangelical Christian clergy and the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of St. Louis campaigned hard against the stem cell measure, contending it would condone life-destroying embryonic research.
Debbie Forck, a Catholic from Jefferson City, Mo., was among those giving the measure a narrow victory.
"I've had several family members that have had debilitating illnesses," said Forck, 50. "It goes against my church, but to eliminate pain in my life, I thought it was worth it."
Liberal groups did have some setbacks. Michigan voters approved a ban on some types of affirmative action programs, Colorado and Arizona passed measures targeting illegal immigrants, and seven states approved gay-marriage bans, joining 20 that had done so in previous elections.

Gay-Rights Gains
However, gay-rights supporters took heart at the relatively close results in some of the seven states, notably in South Dakota, where the ban received only 52 percent of the vote.
In Arizona, the defeat of the ban stemmed in part from its scope. It not only would have reinforced an existing state law against same-sex marriage, but also would have barred any government entities from recognizing civil unions or domestic partnerships in providing benefits to employees.
"We knew all along that once voters were informed about the true impact. ... they would oppose this hurtful initiative," said Steve May of Arizona Together, which opposed the measure. Gay-rights leaders said the election results would likely shelve any serious push for a federal ban-gay-marriage amendment. They also were pleased by the defeats of several Republicans whom they considered archenemies - notably Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum and Indiana Rep. John Hostettler.
"It's the end of an era for divisive, gay-bashing politics - at least in the minds of the American people," said Joe Solmonese, president of the Human Rights Campaign.

Abortion Wars
Similarly, abortion-rights groups welcomed the defeat of Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline, a Republican who had touted his efforts to seize women's medical records from abortion clinics.
"It is time to end the abortion wars," said Frances Kissling, president of Catholics for a Free Choice.
One election subplot was a campaign led by New York City real estate investor Howard Rich to promote ballot measures in numerous states seeking to rein in state and local government.
Of nine Rich-supported measures, only one succeeded - a property-rights measure in Arizona that would require state and local authorities to compensate property owners if land-use regulations lower the value of their property. Similar measures lost in California, Idaho and Washington, while Oregon and Colorado rejected term-limit bills, and Maine, Nebraska and Oregon rejected proposals to cap state spending.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Dear Friends of Working Assets,

We're writing because improperly enforced voter ID laws across the country are resulting in disenfranchisement of eligible voters. If you haven't voted already, bring identification with you when you go to the polls.
In South Carolina, the Governor had to leave and come back with proper ID. In Missouri, the Secretary of State -- the chief election officer -- was wrongly asked three times to produce photo identification even though that state's photo ID requirement was recently struck down in court.
If the politicians are having a hard time casting a ballot, imagine what's happening to regular citizens. A bewildering array of new regulations are in place this year -- and reports from the field already indicate that the rules are being applied inconsistently.
Electiononline.org has created a state-by-state guide of voter ID requirements. You may want to check your state's requirements before you vote so you'll be aware if pollworkers at your polling place are asking for more than is legally required, potentially turning away eligible voters.
But just to be safe -- the best thing for you to do is to bring photo identification with you when you go to the polls today. And if you want to increase your impact, share this message with everyone you know -- and make sure they take their photo ID's and get out to vote today too.
Thank you for everything you are doing to help safeguard our democracy.


Will EastonManagerWorking Assets

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Take it back - election preparedness kit by:

Election Preparedness Kit
Want to avoid another election disaster? The last few elections have been plagued by unnatural events including electronic voting machine malfunctions and voter disenfranchisement. So we've compiled this Election Preparedness Kit with three easy steps you can take to protect this election from wide-spread disaster.
Click here to open a new e-mail and invite your friends.
Emergency Alert Message Tree.On Election Day we might need to call election officials to insist on extra ballots, or correcting machine problems reported by voters. Put in your cellphone number, and if something comes up on Tuesday we can send you a short text message with info on how to speak out. (through our partners at Working Assets) You will be added to our online activist newsletter and may receive an email, text message, or call from The Ruckus Society or one of our partners.
We have partnered with Working Assets Mobile Response Team so they can text you on election day IF (and ONLY if) you are needed to ensure a fair and safe election!
Put your preferred email address and text messaging address below, and
we'll call you to action - we know you care!
(A Joint Action Call from The Ruckus Society, Working Assets, National Healthcare-NOW, Hip-Hop Congress, the National Hip-Hop Political Convention, Hip-Hop Caucus, Music For America, the League of Young Voters and more!)

First Name
Last Name
Cell Phone
Zip Code


Know where to vote. Polling places change like the weather. Be sure to go to the right poll the first time. Click here to find your correct polling place and get there early to ensure your vote.
National Voter Assistance Hotline. Write down this number (1-866-OUR VOTE) and take it with you to the polls. If you see or encounter any problems on Election Day, call 1-866-OUR VOTE. Trained volunteers will be staffing this nonpartisan effort to provide voter assistance and protect voter rights.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Hi all,

Please send a postcard or letter of support to SPC Agustín Aguayo. He is currently being held in a military prison in Germany after going AWOL when the military tried to forcibly deploy him to Iraq.Agustín initially joined the military in 2002 and was assigned to the base in Germany in 2003. About a year later he realized he could no longer, in good conscience, be a part of the military. He first applied for conscientious objector status in 2004. While his application was being processed, he was sent to Iraq, where he served as a medic for one year. His application was denied while he was still in Iraq, but because it had been seriously mishandled, he had a chance to challenge the ruling. His challenge was denied in August 2006 and his unit was to deploy to Iraq shortly after. He made it clear to his superior officers that he would not deploy. He missed movement and turned himself in to the military police. He expected to face a court martial but instead was informed that he would be deployed by force. At that point, he decided to go AWOL and returned to the U.S. where he once again turned himself in at Ft. Irwin in California. He was taken back to Germany and is awaiting court martial.Please send a note or letter of support to Agustín:SPC Agustín AguayoUnit 29723Box LLAPO, AE 09028-3810USA(this is military post system--so from the U.S. it will go to GermanyNote: you cannot discuss the details of the case with him)Also, if you can, please consider a donation to the Aguayo Defense Fund or funds to help Agustín's wife, Helga, and their two daughters. Donate online at: http://www.aguayodefense.org For more info on Agustín, see an interview on Democracy Now!: http://www.democracynow.org/article.pl?sid=06/09/26/141...

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