Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Dear Friends of Working Assets,

We're writing because improperly enforced voter ID laws across the country are resulting in disenfranchisement of eligible voters. If you haven't voted already, bring identification with you when you go to the polls.
In South Carolina, the Governor had to leave and come back with proper ID. In Missouri, the Secretary of State -- the chief election officer -- was wrongly asked three times to produce photo identification even though that state's photo ID requirement was recently struck down in court.
If the politicians are having a hard time casting a ballot, imagine what's happening to regular citizens. A bewildering array of new regulations are in place this year -- and reports from the field already indicate that the rules are being applied inconsistently.
Electiononline.org has created a state-by-state guide of voter ID requirements. You may want to check your state's requirements before you vote so you'll be aware if pollworkers at your polling place are asking for more than is legally required, potentially turning away eligible voters.
But just to be safe -- the best thing for you to do is to bring photo identification with you when you go to the polls today. And if you want to increase your impact, share this message with everyone you know -- and make sure they take their photo ID's and get out to vote today too.
Thank you for everything you are doing to help safeguard our democracy.


Will EastonManagerWorking Assets

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