Monday, October 16, 2006


I know someone who's grandfather fought in WW2, as a german soldier. Although I know I shouldn't I secretly in the bottom of my heart have very strong negative feels about anyone who fought along side the Nazi's. I realize that man was young and was just fighting what his countrymen believed was a just war, but still, I have the gut wrenching feeling that anything associated with the Nazi's is evil.

Last week CNN reported that more then 600,000 Iraqi's have been killed since the beginning of our invasion. Those were conservative estimates. By those conservative estimates most anyone could conclude that this looks like genocide. That's right, I said it, our government may in fact be committing genocide at the hands of our military abroad.

I can't help but wonder if history will look back on us as "brown shirt" followers. I wonder if Bush will be held in a similar light as Hitler. I wonder if people will think of our servicemen as I can't help but think about the German soldiers in WW2. I wonder if they will think of me that same way too.

History may not be kind to us, nor should it. Genocide, is genocide no matter who commits it.


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