Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Grinch Who Stole Student Loans
By Amaya Smith

Washington, DC - This morning the Republican-led Senate voted to cut over $12
billion in student loans from the federal budget, the largest cut to student
aid in history. The controversial 51-50 vote was sealed by none other than Vice
President Cheney who cut short a trip to the Middle East to cast the tie-
breaking vote. The final bill was so controversial that five Republicans broke
rank to vote with every single Democrat in opposition to the bill.

Republicans claim the bill will balance the budget, but the bill would in fact
add to the already huge deficit that they are leaving to the next generation to
pay. Although Republicans claim that the budget is strapped for cash, they
still plan to pass huge new tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans-using student
loan funding to pay for it. The $12 billion cut was part of a larger $40
billion package which also cut Medicaid and food stamps.

"Before going home for the holidays, Senate Republicans joined their Republican
House colleagues in leaving college kids out in the cold in order to give gifts
to their rich pals," said College Democrats President Grant Woodard. "This is
akin to parents stealing their kid's Christmas presents and then sending them
the bill. Together, America can do better than a Congress that passes their
debts to the next generation while cutting funding for education. Republicans
should join Democrats in working to provide a better future for America's

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