Friday, July 22, 2005

I'm finally back from Europe. I had a great trip. I would tell you more about it if this site was about me but it's not.

While I was gone there was a major terrorist attack on a city I was in. I few into London the night of the first bombing and I was in London the day the second bombing happened. It really got me thinking about the "war on terror." One thing that we all knew and no one said for a week was the this happened because of the Iraq war. It's just obvious. They went after Spain to get them out of Iraq and now they are going after Great Britain. Anyway I really thought about how we should be fighting this war because obviously this isn't working it is only making the world a much less safe place. Don't be trying to tell me otherwise, you know this wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for the Iraq war. I thought to myself "This will never work. We will just have more war then more terror then more war etc. a vicious cycle." I finally realized the only way to truly defeat terror is to fight a war with books and not guns and bombs. Do you think the 9/11 bombers were geniuses? NO! They were stupid idiots! They were very misguided people. So the only way we could have ever stopped them is if we had educated them so that they understood that terrorism doesn't get you anywhere. I kept thinking we just need to drop the whole "war on terror" and go on a major campaign to let the world know that terror gets mankind nowhere. Then guess what, Tony Blair said it. I don't like Blair much since he held Bush's hand as they went to war together but he sure did hit the nail on the head this time. This is how you really fight the war on terror:

"What we are confronting here is an evil ideology.

It is not a clash of civilisations - all civilised people, Muslim or other, feel revulsion at it. But it is a global struggle and it is a battle of ideas, hearts and minds, both within Islam and outside it.

This is the battle that must be won, a battle not just about the terrorist methods but their views. Not just their barbaric acts, but their barbaric ideas. Not only what they do but what they think and the thinking they would impose on others."

-- Tony Blair 16 July, 2005

We must crush the "evil ideology" as Tony Blair puts it. Don't get me wrong Blair is still not 100% with it but I think he is getting on the right track. Now he is just one step away from getting it right. I don't think he is realizing it though. I just don't see him changing coarse and ending this war none since and immediately start trying to educate radical Islam to end this crap rather than fighting fire with fire.

So I guess thats my big story for you from Europe.


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