Sunday, June 12, 2005

Would you look at this mornings Washington Post, DSM (The Downing Street Memo in case you only read domestic news) is finally getting some press here at home. It only took them a month. This could be the end of the Bush Admin. But here is the question, is Michael Jackson going to ruin it? What do you want to bet the Jury comes back next week right when this story is getting legs big time. It's over. Thanks CNN, MSNBC, CBS, FOX, your all the same. A pretty girl with blond hair and blue eyes goes missing in a foreign country and your ALL OVER IT. 24 hour new coverage of it. 18 year old black kids killing each other in west Philly and you don't care, just write it off as gang violence, happens all the time doesn't it. Mass genocide happening in Africa, you don't care because a bride ran away. I wonder if she is going to jail?

My point is that the "mainstream media" is not in touch with "mainstream America" anymore. Does CNN ever think about what we really care about? The runaway bride story which they were all over or hard solid proof that the Bush admin "fixed intelligence around policy" that they still haven't gotten to after a month, which do you care about?

Our own Media is keeping us dumb. Do you know how Kim Jung Il keeps the people of North Korea from over throwing him? He owns the media. Sounding failure? Remember what happened to Dan Rather? Where is he now? Bush has the media wrapped around his finger. No wonder he won the election.

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