Wednesday, May 18, 2005

So we've come to this to get kids into the military:

Rift over recruiting at public high schools

From the article:

...the No Child Left Behind Act requires that schools receiving federal funding must release the names of its students to recruiters

Did anyone know this? Sneaky, sneaky Bush administration. It sounds like extorsion.

I also find this part interesting:

Nationally, there's a growing sense that recruiters desperate to bolster falling enlistment numbers are misrepresenting sign-up agreements to entice recruits. In response to 480 allegations of improprieties by recruiters since Oct. 1, the Army announced it will suspend its recruiting for one day on May 20, so commanders can remind its 7,500 recruiters of proper conduct.

Douglas Smith, a US Army spokesman, said the job of recruiters is not to make promises but to show applicants possibilities and career options.

"As for a recruiter making promises and not following through, the recruiter's not in any position to promise anything. We hope that all our recruiters are communicating honestly with our applicants," Mr. Smith said. But he added, "In the contract [between the new soldier and the Army] it says, 'Anything the recruiter may have promised me is moot.' "

It's so obvious, from the disclaimer, that the military recruiters are ENCOURAGED to misrepresent the sign-up agreements, otherwise, why have the disclaimer?

With recruitment numbers way down, can anyone else smell a draft coming?

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