Sunday, April 10, 2005

Story Broken in Florida's St. Petersburg Times by Pulitzer Prize Winning Reporter!
Still Manages to Mangle, Misrepresent and Omit Several Key Elements of the Story!

After many months and many requests and many challenges from both critics and Mainstream Media types, The St. Petersburg Times is reporting -- and The BRAD BLOG can confirm -- that Clint Curtis took a polygraph test on March 3rd...and passed!

The lie-detector test, administered to Curtis by Tim Robinson, the retired chief polygraph operator for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, found that the Florida whistleblowing software designer who has charged in a sworn affidavit that he was asked by U.S. Rep. Tom Feeney (R-FL) to create an electronic vote-rigging software prototype in 2000, was indeed found to be truthful in all of his responses!

And yet, the Pulitzer Prize winning reporter, Lucy Morgan, who was hand-delivered the scoop, still manages to make a mockery of it. An object lesson of the MSM in full-blown retrograde...

URL: http://www.bradblog.com/archives/00001313.htm

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