Wednesday, December 15, 2004

I was reading something else about the legacy of the Clinton Administration earlier today and I remember thinking what a great president he was. But not only was he a great president I think he is a lot smarter than people give him credit for. He was really a political genius that learned from every mistake he ever made. I bet that right now he could run for president and win again. Anyway I was reading some stuff online and I came across this...

Bill Clinton fought back when he ran into a verbal mugging in Central Park.

The former President is said to have been strolling through the park with his Secret Service team recently when a man pushing a stroller taunted, "You were an embarrassment to the office of commander-in-chief."

Lakshmi Kumar, writing in Citizen Culture magazine, says she saw Clinton stop and deftly tell his heckler, "Oh, really? I think I did a helluva job.... I'll admit I misled people about my personal life. And I have even apologized for it, but I never misled the people about policy and I certainly never misled the people about going to war."

Clinton is said to have spent 45 minutes taking questions from a mostly adoring crowd, then told his detractor: "I hope your children turn out to be as perfect as you are, sir."

The group applauded and Bill walked to a nearby SUV, where, Kumar says, Sen. Hillary Clinton looked impatient.

Sorce: New York Daily News

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