Wednesday, November 03, 2004

This post is from Caleb's mother. To all of you who read this blog who admire Caleb's work and to all of you who look at what he does with anger and scorn, my message to each of you is the same. Caleb, like many of us today is upset, he is exhausted, and he is afraid for his country. However, when I sat in disbelief last night watching the electorate results, in tears and shock, Caleb sat next to me and said, "I will not let the events of November 2, 2004 tilt my political compass in anyway." Over the years, I have been very proud of Caleb and his work. However, I have never been more proud of him then in that moment. It also gave me the hope I needed for the future that once again, our fate as a nation rests with our youth, and they are shaping up to be a wise group.

I want to thank everyone who has called today to check on him. I want to thank all of you for your concern. However, like I said, to all of Caleb's readers, fans and detractors, I can assure you, Caleb is and will be fine. He has a strength, a faith, and yes a political and moral compass that is stronger then this. I pray our nation does too.

Caleb's mom

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