Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Don't ever, ever speak for me Mr. Rumsfeld.

As the American casualties in the Iraq conflict pass 1000 Rumsfeld is quoted as saying:

"U.S. enemies should not underestimate the willingness of the American people and its coalition allies to suffer casualties in Iraq and elsewhere."

I seriously take offense to this. I am NOT willing to see our soldiers and civilians die for their bungled invasion, their lies, and their corporate greed.

At least Kerry had these compassionate words:

"Today marks a tragic milestone in the war in Iraq. More than one thousand of Americas sons and daughters have made the ultimate sacrifice. Our nation honors their service and joins with their families and loved ones in mourning their loss.

"We must never forget the price they have paid. And we must meet our sacred obligation to all our troops to do all we can to make the right decisions in Iraq so that we can bring them home as soon as possible."


The U.S. military has not reported overall Iraqi deaths. The Iraqi Health Ministry started counting the dead only in April when heavy fighting broke out in Fallujah and Najaf. However, conservative estimates by private groups place the Iraqi toll at at least 10,000 — or 10 times the number of U.S. military deaths.

"It is difficult to establish the right number of casualties," said Amnesty International's Middle East spokeswoman, Nicole Choueiry. She added that "it was the job of the occupation power to keep track of the numbers but the Americans failed to do so."

Source: Associated Press

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