Saturday, May 01, 2004

Rape camps back, in Iraq

I saw the saddest thing on TV tonight. Our "war hero's" in Iraq were caught on tape doing the cruelest, most
hateful and Saddam like things our so called prisoners. I watched in horror as well as plain disgust as the grand USA soldiers took photos of themselves having a good ole time urinating on naked Iraqi men, while having all of the naked Iraqi men pile on one another, and , oh yes, toying things to their penises and taking yet again more photos. Of course or proud military men were in the photos. It was like a kid in a picture with Mickey Mouse at Disney land, their faces all a glow and beaming smiles of delight. Makes me pretty much sick to my stomach. So here is my tid bit about these photos and the treatment of people we hold captive. Not that you asked mind you, but here it is non the less.
Saddam was a cruel man. Hitler was a cruel man. I do not think what these men got caught doing is that evil, however, let me say this, these men are just as dangerous. We as a country are not liked real well. We are thought of as arrogant and too pride filled. Our wonderful soldiers that participated in these acts just proved many of those people right. Nothing like pouring some gasoline of the fire boys. Because of these pathetic , egotistic, and obviously mentally ill men of the red , white and blue, we now look no better then the leaders that we were so called freeing these people from.
I know we have people dyeing there, and I know those of you who are for the war think that we are in the right, but may I remind you that so do the men on the other side. They believe they are right and we are evil, they think that their idea of God is right and ours is wrong. Put the other shoe on folks and they are a reflection of ourselves, just another name for God,,,Allah. When we start thinking that we are above others and that those damned Iraq assholes deserve no mercy and need not be treated like humans because we are the correct higher power and they are below us, then tell me how that is any different then what the other side is doing or saying? How does that separate us?
So, I want to thank those mindless, coward, heartless men that I thank to God my son does not take after , because they just reminded me of how far we really have to go in our evolution before we really get it.
May God be with all of the Men, Woman, and children in this war, no matter what they call God/Goddess/ All that Is, and regardless of their skin color or place of birth. And may "God" forgive us, for we know not what we do.

Christina Hayes

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