Thursday, February 12, 2004

Wesley Clarke Drops, and Endorses John Kerry

Well, guys, it looks as if John Kerry will come out on top.


Wesley Clarke has dropped from the race, and it seems he will be endorsing John Kerry. This was a good choice for him, I suppose - although i've supported Clarke from the get go. I actualy wish he would have backed Edwards, since I find him more appealing.

Well, as Bill Maher said, this is the year for the veterans. John Kerry is a very respectful Vietnam war vet, who gave his medals back in protest of the war. He's noble, he's got charisma, and he is saying a lot of the right things.

Compare him to Bush, and there's no contest:

Military Service:

1. Kerry is a Vietnam war hero. Bush was in the Texas Air National Guard, and was AWOL most of the time. Bush also used Cocaine, and has had DWI's, up untill he was 41 years old.

2. Kerry is not for big buisness, he is for the people. Bush is for big buisness... he starts wars for economic gain. This is called imperialism. It was not right for us to attack Iraq, there were other ways to settle the issue. Bush has lied to us on numerous occasions, there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction. He says he is for the people at the bottom of the social ladder, but there is only evidence going against that LIE. He promised 5.5 million jobs in his tax-cut package called the "Job Growth Plan." Only 296,000 jobs were created. Now he promises more this year... so let's see what happens with that.

It has been the greatest sustained job loss since the depression: Since the recession began 34 months ago in March 2001, 2.4 million jobs have disappeared, a 1.8% contraction. The Bureau of Labor Statistics began collecting monthly jobs data in 1939 (at the end of the Great Depression). In every previous episode of recession and job decline since 1939, the number of jobs had fully recovered to above the pre-recession peak within 31 months of the start of the recession. Today's labor market would have an additional 3.88 million jobs if jobs had grown by the 0.7% rate that occurred in the early 1990s recession and so-called "jobless recovery," the worst record prior to this current period. The picture is bleaker for private-sector jobs, which have dropped by 2.9 million since March 2001, a 2.5% contraction. source: http://www.jobwatch.org/

Bush has talked about patriotism, liberty, and righteousness throughout his presidency. But his actions have shown only greed, incompetence, and irreverence towards the American people. It is time we get the white house back, guys. It is time.


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