Saturday, February 28, 2004

So, what happens after the election of 2004?


Earlier this evening I attended a meeting where Robert Jensen, the Professor of Journalism at the Universtiy of Texas, gave a speech. He explained what he does and how he does it, what he believes, and what the fundamental problem with America is today.

America is the largest Empire in the history of the World. Never in history has there been an empire that posesses the amount of power that the United States witholds. There are a little over 190 nations in the world, and the USA has military in at least 150 of these nations. This is how powerful we are. Never before has a country posessed such an extreme power for destruction that we could single handedly annihilate life, as we know it, from the face of the earth. We are more powerful than Rome ever was. We totaly blow the British Empire out of the water.

So, what does this mean for America? America bullies other countries and keeps them in check, but who keeps America in check? The Soviet Union used to do this, when it was the only other military super power - but it doesn't even exist anymore. The only ones that can possibly keep the great American Empire in check now is the people themselves. The ones in power are the very few and very rich people that are constantly doing whatever they can to consistently get more power and more wealth.

In order to keep their power, and to stay as wealthy, they have to make sure the people are backing them. One of their biggest methods, which they have loved to do post 9/11, is fear. It is the perfect way to manipulate the masses. "We have to do this, this, this, this, and this even if it means taking all these rights away because if we don't the terrorists will GET YOU!" The Bush Administration is of course taking advantage of this method of manipulation. Our society is one of the biggest problems. With every generation, people are getting more and more susceptible to the lies of the people in power, which allow them to do the horrible things that they do. It isn't "trendy" to be politically active, in fact it's looked down upon by people that are "cool." But what's more important? Getting a job that you don't like so that you can surround yourself with things you don't need in order to help you forget about how much you hate your job, or a life where you believe you are doing something that could benefit the world without worrying about trivial things like plasma telivisions, SUV's, and huge extravagant houses. Personally, I choose the latter.

The main point that Robert Jensen made was that it doesn't matter what president is in office. If Bush is overthrown and John Kerry (Or Edwards if a miracle happens) takes office that will not automatically fix all our problems. What many die-hard democrats fail to recognize is that even their beloved Clinton did some terrible things during his presidency, in fact he killed more Iraqi's than Bush. Sanctions over Iraq in the last decade have caused the deaths of over half a million Iraqi children. The only difference with President Bush is that he is even more radical, clearly stating what he believes America should be. The Bush admnistration believes that America is always right and should be able to do anything it needs to do, no matter what anyone says. Anyone that gets in their way, well we can just brush them aside - we're just the only remaining super power. It's not like a little country like Iraq could actualy stand in our way. If we want the oil in Iraq, we go in and take it. Further, all American people should agree with us and anyone who doesn't is an unpatriotic terrorist. They have actualy gotten legislation passed that gives them even more control over the people, taking many of our fought-for constitutional rights away. These people are very open about their plan to expand the American empire to consume the entire world, this is a clear and present evil that MUST be taken care of immediately. The people are the only ones left who have the power to do this, and it is our duty to make sure Bush doesn't get reelected in 2004.

Once we succeed in removing President Bush from office then we will have to keep going, it's not like we can just stop there. That's just the first step. The very next day we will have to be just as critical about John Kerry (or Edwards). We have to constantly watch all of our presidents, Democratic or Republican. Not just sit back and put trust in any one individual simply because he/she belongs to the same political party. That's ludicrous.

If we do not pay attention, then eventualy we will find ourselves in a total police state. There are some who believe we are already a police state, well - if so, it's just an early stage, and we still have the power to stop it. The few in charge are scared of the people. When we organize, we are strong.

It doesn't matter who is in office, we still need to be critical of that person. George Bush should definitley be removed, but that is not where it stops. Even after George Bush, we have to stay as politically aware as possible and always be ready to take action when needed. The people have been weak lately, and they love it, so it is time for us to grow strong and mobilize against this true clear and present evil that exists within our own government.

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