Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Kerry wins nomination!

Well, it looks like Kerry will be taking on Bush in 2004.

I think the primaries are over. Kerry has proven he can win all over the country. That was really all he had to prove after winning every state so far except two in the south. Now we know "He can win in the south."

I endorsed John Edwards for the nomination but it is over now and I must get over it. Kerry will be the nominee. He may not be the best democrat in the field but, he is the one. The chosen one... If you will.

Now we must focus on beating Bush and not the other democratic candidates. We don't need to be beating our selves up anymore. In fact, we must STOP NOW. Lets not give Karl Rove anything to go on.

Now he may not be perfect. He may have voted for the war. He may have some skeletons in the closet. But I want you to think about this... Who was the last Democrat to run for President that was also a Senator from Massachusetts? What are John Kerry's initials? Just picture this JFK vs. Bush.

I can't wait. Oh wait... the time is now. The wait is over, we have our nominee. Let's go pull some Bushes out of the ground! GO KERRY!

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