Monday, February 16, 2004

I am really starting to like John Kerry.

I have been watching him, and it seems like he is the type that will not take crap from anyone. And if you hit him, he will hit you back much harder. He proved this last week. Bush (or should I say Rove) started the Republican smear machine started this week. And you guessed it, Kerry was the target. They made an add that explained that Kerry takes lots of special interest money, from tobacco and ect. Well, I have news for Rove, Bush and the whole gang. Kerry is DONE being a target. He took three bullets in Vietnam, and now he will not tolerate it. So the Kerry campaign set out to hit bush back, and they did. They created an add called "More Than Anyone." Showing how Bush has taken more from special interests than anyone EVER (Seen here). Good work Kerry, keep it up! Learn more here.

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