Friday, January 02, 2004

Predictions for 2004

I guess this is the time for me to put it on the record and predict what will happen in 2004. This is not what I think will happen... It is what I think will happen. In other words this is not "wishful" thinking. So, here goes.

- Dean will win Iowa and NH and that momentum will make him the Democratic nominee.

- He will chose John Edwards as his running mate.

- Dean and Edwards will beat bush in November (just a little wishful thinking). Edwards will help Dean win the Carolinas.

- Gay marriage will be legalized in a few more states.

- Saddam will get the death penalty

- There will be another major terrorist attack

- Osama will be found dead of natural causes

- Idaho will become the twelfth state to join the Confederacy.

- Hillary Clinton and or Al Gore will not run for president

- The job market in America will improve, but not as much as people hope it will. Translation: you'll have a job, but it will be a crappy one, and you'll still be too scared of the unstable job market to leave and find better employment.

that's what you get... Be happy!

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