Monday, January 05, 2004

Patriot Act II PASSED

Yes, our worse nightmare has *passed.* It's just under a new name. On September 11th 2001 the World Trade Centers were attacked. Then we set out to get the "Evil Doers." Immediately, fingers were pointed at Bin Ladin and his Al Qaeda regardless of the fact that most of the pilots were Saudi Arabian. The Patriot Act was passed as well. Then, our Government lied and said Iraq was building Weapons of Mass Destruction so that we could go to war with Iraq. Old news was brought back up: "He gassed his own people!" "He's a bad man!!"

How can people say these things NOW?! We gave them the weapons they used to gas his own people - and we didn't give a shit, as long as he didn't do anything to piss us off. We even allowed him to raid Kuwait. Only now, when the US needed a scapegoat, did it use any of these things as a reason to go to war. We were being righteous, getting the EVIL DOERS!!

On December 14th 2003 Saddam Hussein was supposedly "captured" by US troops, although photographic evidence shows that he was likely captured a couple months prior to the "official" date. More evidence shows that Saddam was actualy handed over to the US by another orginization. The Media did not report about this lie at all. The media did not make any connections with our current president and the Bin Ladin family. But, on this same day, another bill was passed like the infamous Patriot Act that should have every American outraged. This, my friends, is the Patriot Act II. H.R. 2417, the Intelligence Authorization Act for fiscal year 2004.

The measure’s publicized portions include new FBI powers "to demand financial records from casinos, car dealerships, and other businesses," as well as several pilot programs permitting data exchanges between agencies.

Representative Ron Paul (R-Texas) opposed the measure, insisting that it "should outrage every single American citizen." "It appears we are witnessing a stealth enactment of the enormously unpopular ‘PATRIOT II’ legislation that was first leaked several months ago," stated Rep. Paul in a November 20 speech on the House floor. "These expanded police powers will enable the FBI to demand transaction records from businesses … without the approval or knowledge of a judge or grand jury. This was written into the bill at the 11th hour over the objections of members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, which would normally have jurisdiction over the FBI."

"I also have concerns about the rest of the bill," continued Rep. Paul. "One of the few things we do know about this final version is that we are authorizing even more than the president has requested for the intelligence community.... Despite the tens of billions we spend on these myriad intelligence agencies, it is impossible to ignore the failure of our federal intelligence community to detect and prevent the September 11 attacks."

Ladies and Gentlemen - these coincidences are just too fishy, and you have to admit it. The Bush Administration has been a Civil Rights GUZZLING machine! All the while shielding themselves with their righteous "Christian" beliefs. And, in my opinion, they will stop at nothing to get what they want. Think about it: September 11th, then Patriot Act (almost immediately, as if it was already written before!) Saddam is captured, Patriot Act II is passed in the same way. No one was paying attention. And the "Free *liberal* media" isn't reporting ANY of it. There has been no reporting on the Bush / Bin Ladin family connections.

Just look at this: http://www.iir.com/matrix/

All of this, and the man wasn't even elected by the people...

Dare I say it? Conspiracy.

-Eric Burnside

You can download the leaked Patriot Act II draft from my website: http://gadget.cpc-net.org/personal

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