Saturday, January 10, 2004

Is it French Fries or Freedom Fries? By: Marc T. (Denmark)

We all know that since the day France told Bush, that they wouldn't follow his troops in the Iraq war, Bush Jr. and his regime has ignored the French, your beloved (freedom) fries also has changed name all over the U.S. They went from French fries to FREEDOM FRIES It may come as a chock for some of you, but French fries was originated in Belgium! Enough about the FREEDOM FRIES! By ruining the good relationship with France, the U.S may suffer some causes:

-France is America's fifth largest investor and they keep 650.000 people in U.S with jobs.
-Bush Jr. have no reason to be so mad at Chirac. First of all, France has always been nice to America!
-Other than keeping over a half million Americans with jobs, they also fought by your side in WW2 (in France).
-They were one of the first countries to vote yes to the EURO, which make them easier for foreign countries (like United States) to do business with.
- They also supported (and devoted) The Universal Human Rights Fond. (which Bush Jr. passed out on, when he "won" the election for President.)
- Chirac was also the first (foreign leader) to go to the White House and offer support for the "investigations" of the 9/11 terror attack.

See, the French aren't just stupid barstards. It's just YOU, the American people who watch to much propaganda television (For examples: Fox TV and NBC). You see, many TV networks is owned by selfish rich and Republic liberals, who only think of making money for them selves. Therefore they support Bush Jr.'s election campaigns (2000) so they can get their own political meanings to come true.

Marc T. Denmark

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