Friday, January 23, 2004

I'm done with CBS. I did not like the fact that they pulled The Reagans but I dealt with it. I was mad but I got over it. But now I'm DONE. I will never watch them again. Moveon.org has tried to run an add on the super bowl but guess what? CBS says no. Just like The Reagans... "No!" Here, watch the add. What is wrong with it? There are no pictures of dead Iraqi children or dead American kids. I bet we see beer commercials and what some people call "soft porn." So guess what... I'm saying NO to CBS. I will not watch the super bowl and I will not watch CSI and I will never watch The late show again. I will not take this from anyone. I will never watch CBS ever again.

Please, join me!

I take this all back!! I just got a call from the David Letterman Show.

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