Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Edwards is the man for the Democratic nomination

That's right. I Caleb Hayes (13 year old founder of www.anti-bush.com) am now endorsing John Edwards for president. I feel that he is a man we can all (even Republicans) can relate to.

John Edwards started poor in the public school system. His father and everyone else that lived in his home town in South Carolina worked at the mill. John would grow up to be an attorney. Tragically his son was killed by a drunk driver. Afterwords he decided to become the prosecuting attorney (in order to "make change"). That led to him running for United States Senate. He beat an incumbent Republican that was thought to be "unbeatable".

Now let me compare him to the other candidates.

CMB - I don't think America is going to elect a black woman at this time. I really wish now was the time but I doubt it will happen.

Clark - Wes is my second choice. I think he could easily beat Bush. Just think a 4 star general in a debate with a man who went AWOL! His down side is that he has said some things that he should not have. He called Bush and Chaney the "dream team". There is a lot more where that came from.

Dean - I like Dean. The thing that gets me with him is that I think he is not "unelectable" but more "not as electable as I would want my nominee to be". If I had to make bets I would say that he would beat Bush but I am not sure and it would be to close for comfort.

Gephardt - He does not have the energy and Charisma to become President. I think he feels like it's "his turn". He has been in congress so long and so now it's his right to become the nominee. That is not the reason someone should run for president.

Kerry - I like the man but he fumbled over the war and now he has little chance of winning.

Kucinich - Dennis has the same politics as I do. I agree with him on almost every issue. He is like me running for president now. The problem is America is not ready for someone like me. Kucinich = a Mondale loss.

Lieberman - He is a Republican.

Sharpton - I love him but I think he is running just to run. I am happy that he is, but I do not take him so seriously.

Please join me in our fight for John Edwards!

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