Friday, January 09, 2004

Dean vs. Bush

Dean in many ways can be compared to Bush but he is like a mirror opposite of Bush in many ways (the Anti-Bush). I will point out the similarities and differences:

-Both came from rich families
-both had fathers with the same name.
-both have the same number of letters in their first and last names
-both can be aggressive in pursuing what they want.
-both did drink too much in their youth.
-both had siblings that died.
-both raised in Republican families.
-both governors before running for President.
-both went to Yale
-Dean is smarter than Bush.
-Dean is his own man who made his way in the world, while Bush traded on his family name.
-Dean is more conservative with his money as well as other people's money than Bush.
-Bush stayed Republican, Dean became a Democrat.
-Dean balanced the budget in Vermont. Bush unbalanced it in Texas
-Dean is mentally balanced and Bush is mentally unbalanced.
-Dean quit drinking earlier in his life than Bush.
-Dean actually earned the degrees he got. Bush was awarded his through social promotion.
-Bush gets corporate support, Dean gets grassroots support.

--Thanks to Kyle in Colorado

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