Thursday, January 29, 2004

David Kay Says "We were all wrong"!


It looks like Saddam was bluffing that whole time and we bombed Iraq anyway. But of coarse Bush knew nothing of it. He never knew he was lying... He just lied. Well I have a message for you Bush. The buck stops on your desk. Your the one that said the words "Saddam has Weapons of mass destruction." And not only did you lie to us, you took us to war. Let me tell you some thing else, Bush. People are dying over there. About 10,000 people have died because of your lies. Not only that but they keep dying and you keep lying. But America is realizing what you have been doing. Right now your losing to John Kerry 49-46. America will not take it. Time is up Bush. I suggest you bring our service men and women home and step down from the presidency. At least this way you will leave with some dignity.

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