Sunday, December 14, 2003

Saddam captured in raid

Would you look at that. I got up this morning to my dad saying "Hey son, how are you. I just thought that I would be the one to break it to you... We captured Saddam."

So I noticed that some of the presidential candidates tried to use this as an opportunity to make some political gains. I will not be supporting Joe Lieberman or John Kerry at all. I cannot believe that they tried to gain on Dean with this. Did they really think it would help? It did not work for Gray Davis (regarding Arnold's sexual assault allegations). Maybe they should just sit back and watch like Davis should have done. If you were giving away money to one of two people and on of the them said the the other was a "bad person"... Would you believe him? I mean, it can't work. That person is just looking for the money. How could you trust them? It's the same thing. Joe Lieberman and John Kerry are just looking to become president.

Dean, Edwards, Kuchinich and Clark seemed to make the right statement. They all called for the United States to hand the Iraq situation over to the United Nations. That was the way to make a good situation out of a possible catastrophe for anti-war candidates Clark, Kuchinich and Dean. This was a real test for these candidates and Clark, Dean, Kuchinich and Edwards seemed to have hit a home run.

I think that this is a good day for Iraq. We have such a great military that it is a surprise to me that is took this long. I think they are such great people that we should bring them home! I also think that this is an opportunity to turn this over to the UN. The Iraq war is a disgusting fraud. And we need to bring our men and women home NOW! Hand it over to the UN and bring our kids home NOW!

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