Thursday, December 11, 2003

My master plan for fund raising in 2004

Bush is simply going to have tons of cash in 2004. With the fact that he pays his donors off and that he has no opponent in the primary we know he will have more cash than any presidential candidate ever. I guess we are doomed... Or not.

The fact is that people don't like bush. Sure large companies, with lots of money, such as Halliburton do, but people don't. That's why the music world and Hollywood elite seem to be doing these big "Hate Bush" party's all the time. So lets capitalize on that. "The not Bush 2004 tour" with Pearl Jam, Madonna, Rage against the Machine, Eminem, NOFX, Beastie Boys, Outkast, Blink 182, Public Enemy and our headlining act... The Dixie Chicks! Wow now lets count our cash. I have seen Blink 182 myself and it cost me $20 bucks. So... Pearl Jam $50... Madonna $100... RATM $40... Eminem $50... NOFX $30... Beastie Boys $40... Outkast $40... Blink 182 $20... Public Enemy $20... Dixie Chicks $100. Hmmm let me whip out my calculator... That would be... About $500... Times 30,000 screaming fans...$15,000,000... Times 30 cities... $450,000,000. So guess what... Take that Halliburton and Phillip Morris. $450,000,000

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