Tuesday, December 09, 2003

McCain: Congress spending money 'like a drunken sailor'
Sunday, November 30, 2003 Posted: 12:03 PM EST (1703 GMT)

McCain said, "Congress is now spending money like a drunken sailor."

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Leading Republican Sen. John McCain Sunday berated fellow lawmakers for "spending money like a drunken sailor" and said President Bush was also to blame for pushing the nation toward higher interest rates and inflation.


This is fun! "Why don't we spend, spend, spend and spend and make our kids pay the check." I love this! Bush makes it look like everything is great. The economy booming, getting' all the bad guys in the world, and stopping the baby-killers. But I will have to pay for it! All this reckless spending & bouncing of checks I will have to pay for... Or the Bush plan. "Debt don't matter. I don't see creditors at my door." How long can we spend like this? When are we going to pay for our war and military, (which we pay too much for now.) We need to take some cash out of the military and put it into relations around the world. We wouldn't need such a big military. We could have buddies around the world instead!

Sometimes people e-mail me and ask how I would do this, (get us out of debt). It's simple. I would take every program and tell the American public, "We can pay for Medicare or get rid of it". There will be not programs that we don't pay for. Americans would feel a war in their pocket books because in order to do we would need to approve a tax hike. It is so simple! A program - a tax. Ha!

Com' on here. Don't make me pay for your "Bush party years".

Caleb Hayes
13 year old founder, www.anti-bush.com

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