Monday, December 08, 2003

Hey guys, i'm new to the blog. My name is Eric, and i'm here to stay. :)

Quick introduction for myself, to let you guys know a little bit about who I am. I'm from Houston Texas, and i'm 16 years old. I've always had this little itch to attempt to make the world a better place to live, real humanitarian like... i've got these dreams, even, of America becoming a "Humanitarian Leader" of the world rather than a "Military Power." This is, in my opinion, possible and highly probable, yet ultimately impossible as long as people like George Bush are in power up top. This is why the people of this country should form together and attempt to make sure no more power hungry, war mongering, self-serving (and extremely idiotic) individuals such as Bush become president of the United States ever again. It is with this mindset that I came into contact with Caleb Hayes shortly after viewing his site, cluttered as it is, the Bush Resume was what caught my attention, and the fact that he was only 13 and had just as much, if not more, interest in the state of our country, heck, the world, as myself.

I plan to offer my views on as many situations as possible, but I do not and will not ever know or have an opinion on everything. I'm stil in school, which means a significant amount of my time has to be spent on THAT. So please, if i'm ever ignorant on anything, forgive me, and never hesitate to prove me wrong... drop me an email whenever, I check it often.

I've also got my own website, linked to on anti-bush.com, called Altruistic Times which you can find at http://gadget.cpc-net.org/.

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