Thursday, December 11, 2003

Hey Everyone,

First of all, I gotta tell you that I'm not going to be Bush-bashing quite to the same extent as many radical leftists. We have to give him some points, and criticize him only on valid grounds in order to retain our accountability, trustworthiness, and dignity, and to fulfill our responsibility (as Americans, if nothing else) to come to valid conclusions based on fact rather than spreading hate and negativity, which will only have adverse effects.

That said, Bush is a naive, inexperienced commander in chief who has made a string of bad decisions and it is in the country's - and the world's - best interest to remove him from office and allow a more experienced and promising candidate (I throw my every ounce of support to General Wesley K. Clark) to restore the United States of America to its former glory; to a nation the world can look to with hope and appreciation, and a nation to which we, its citizens, can look at with hope and pride.

Anyway, on this latest post by Eric... you have an excellent point. Diplomacy has a time and a place, and it is important not to alienate the rest of the world without good reason. However: the countries who threw no support to Iraq really should not be allowed investments in Iraq. If they were not prepared to support a cause in the first place, it is not justifiable for them to later reap any benefits from the same cause. Put it this way: they didn't want anything to do with Iraq then; if they want anything to do with Iraq now, then they are in the wrong to expect cooperation from us.

However, this is an iffy subject. We don't know whether or not Bush decided for those reasons to bar the said countries from such investments. Maybe it was just because he's an arrogant prick. =P But we don't know, so let's try to avoid taking advantage of the man on this one poor point when there are plenty of other, more solid reasons to criticize our prez (lol).

There is also the issue of "hey, justifiable doesn't matter to the countries who have nukes pointed at us." Consider the likeliness of that, though. If they hate us that much, we'd be in war with all of them right now. Plus, no single nuke campaign is likely to take out all of the United States at once - and unless another country is sure they can kill us all like *snap* that, they're not gonna try. Like it or not, the United States of America is the world's sole active superpower (I say active in contrast to China being something of a quiet superpower), and we will be, with new leadership, the best hopes for this world's positive continuity - and reasonable countries see that. We have a word for unreasonable people who don't see that: terrorists.

Okay, hope this all makes sense to ya (I'm pretty tired right now). Just wanted to say hi and let ya know where I'm coming from.


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