Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Can I trust anything my government tells me?

We all know that they lied about Jessica Lynch. I have to admit that I gave them the benefit of the doubt on Saddam's capture. I believed it. "Yeah, they got Saddam". Now I am doubting that, thanks to this news story.

Al Jazeerah reports "The yellowish dates in the picture behind two American soldiers show that Saddam was not present there at this time of the year, Okaz Arabic daily reported. The picture shows that the capture of Saddam would have taken place two months ago, the paper said.

This just makes me wonder, "What else have they lied to me about?" I want to believe my government but with the Jessica Lynch story lies and now this popping up, what can I believe? Obviously they are not afraid of lying. They lied to constantly about going to war. I want my country back!! You can help by giving to the DNC


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