Friday, November 14, 2003

Wow look at the republicans. 39-hours of yelling at democrats, all because of four judicial nominees. Too bad it will not change anything :(. I really feel bad for them... And the guy who makes the coffee. So here is my proof that Trent Lott and the rest of the Republican senate are all idiots.

* The Senate has confirmed 168 of President Bush's judicial nominees.

* Democrats have filibustered just four of Bush's nominees because they hold
extremist, ultraconservative views far outside the mainstream.

* Republicans blocked 63 of President Clinton's nominees to the federal bench.

* Republicans refused to give many of Clinton's nominees hearings at all, and
even blocked some of them with anonymous holds from a single Republican Senator.

* The federal judiciary has fewer vacancies now than any time for the past 20

By the way... Did you notice how great our economy is?!?! Bush has but America is an other story. A recent Gallup poll show that %30 of Americans think that the economy is getting better and %70 say America's econmy is getting worse. Poll taken Nov. 3-5.


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