Monday, November 10, 2003

What is wrong with kids these days.

I go to school everyday. Everyone knows about my website www.anti-bush.com and I hear the daily "Hey Caleb, I saw your website. You should add some games or music or something to it.". So here is my question. Why don't the kids care? I do! I care!

We had the annul vets day assembly today and all I herd was "When is this over?". Come on THESE PEOPLE RISKED THEIR LIVES FOR YOU!!

My point is, we as Americans that "care" need to somehow show kids that this matters. That most people on this earth don't have the freedoms we have. That maybe what happens in DC may effect them and that maybe they should look into what happens in our world other than cartoons.

So please help me. If you have any ideas e-mail me at Caleb@anti-bush.com

13 year-old founder of www.anti-bush.com,

Caleb Hayes

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