Thursday, October 30, 2003

I was sitting in a bar the other night listening to one of our local conservative construction workers talk about life, sports, and politics. First of all, he talked endlessly with his buddy about how there weren't enough jobs right now and he was barely working. He was predicting the worst winter for himself that he had ever had. In the same vane, he discussed that he wanted to move to a nearby rural area, because the urban community he currently lived in was too damn liberal for his taste. Not to mention, being nearly unemployed, cost of living in the country would be less.

Soon, the conversation turned political and he began to sing the praises of our President in a way that only happens in bars. "Bush has big giant balls", he stated proudly. Grinning from ear to ear, he was suddenly distracted from having to think about how he couldn't pay his rent by thinking about the glorious war our Commander in Chief is waging on our behalf. He was over-joyed, repeating himself, " Bush has balls the size of melons I tell you, we went over there and kicked some ass and I'm proud to be an American." He paused for a moment, not loosing an ounce of his enthusiasm, "We may be gettin' hammered over there right now, but we sure made our point. Bush, I really like him. He has giant balls." At the end of the conversation his buddy paid their bar tab. Our hero, of course didn't have the cash to cover his bill due to his under-employment.

Fast forward two days...
I sat on the front porch of one of my best friends homes. She talked about how hard it was going to be to be away from her children this long. She was leaving for training 3000 miles away on less than 36 hours notice. This training was prerequisite to her upcoming 18 month deployment to Iraq. This women, wife and mother of two boys, was preparing to leave her family and go fight Bush's war for the Army National Guard. She doesn't have "big giant balls". She's a mother, leaving her family and trying to figure out how to do it all. Her bravery and sacrifices are the makings of American patriotism. Bush on the other hand has not demonstrated either of those. It doesn't take big balls to sit behind a desk in safety and comfort and order the troops into battle. The man is a coward and our bar fly is blinded and unable to see what this Presidency has done to him. However, for my friend, her family and friends, and the community that misses her sacrifice has a terrible cost.

So, here's to big giant balls. Here's to the real, brave, patriots. I pray for our service men and women.

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